Thursday, March 7, 2013

Courses in Vancouver

I started this list a while ago in order to keep track of all the courses in Vancouver this year. As there's so many I thought that I'd post it on my blog so that anyone interested in continuing education would have a place to go to see what's available. Hopefully this will help the constant progression of our industry up here in the north west. Get ready to empty the piggy bank!!

DNS Sport Level 1 - April 20th - 21st - More info

Dan John - April 26th - 27th - More info

NSCA BC Clinic - April 27th - More info

Primal Moves - April 28th - More info

Athletes Performance Mentorship Phase 1 - May 6th - 9th - More info 

FMS Level 1 & 2 Combo Course - May 11th & 12th - More info

DVRT Level I and II - May 18th -19th - More info

Functional Range Conditioning (Dr. Andreo Spina) - June 8th - 9th - More info

Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork with John Wolf - July 20th - 21st - More info

Tara Keller Assessment and Corrective Exercise Workshops - September 28th & 29th - More info

Strong First Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 - November 8th - 10th - More info

Behnad and the Fit to Train crew will no doubt be putting on another FMS Level 1 & 2 (as well as the SFMA counterpart for the clinicians out there). I've also heard provisional plans for another exciting course in June and I'm sure the BC Weightlifting Association will be putting on another Olympic Lifting Certification. No doubt I've missed a few as well. There's also a lot happening just south of the border that I didn't include and I know there will be the second annual strength conference in the Okanagan during the summer. UPDATE: more info

In all of this it becomes clear that dollar bills will become an issue which is why I think it`s important to note that the NSCA BC Clinic is the best value for money course this year. You get to see 3 of the top coaches in the industry and it's only $90 for NSCA members ($100 for non-members) and $75 for students (are you effin` kidding me!!!). It`s limited to 125 people and I can guarantee it'll sell out. Seriously, go sign up now.

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