Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starting Point

So this is it. My very first blog post. Forgive me if any "experienced" bloggers read this and sigh about all the novice mistakes I'm making, but I'm new. Give me a break and hopefully watch me get better at this throughout the future.

The real point of this post is to simply mark the beginning of my online venture. This happens to co-inside with the beginning of my new life in Vancouver, the end of my 4 year university degree, and my departure from my homeland, Ireland. All factors that are making this a extremely intimidating, yet exciting time in my life.

So I want to include you, the reader and possibly client, right from the beginning. Before anything gets started, before I even start offering training, I want to invite you to join me on this journey. I have no idea were this adventure is going to end up but I know that it started right here. This place is where I want to tell you about the thousands of journal articles and hundreds of books worth of information on training I have studied. And I want to do it all for free.

But this is just the beginning. It is easy for anyone to tell you what they have already learned. I want this to be a place were I can tell you what I am going to learn. I want this to be a place where in 5 years time you'll be able to see the progressions in training concepts AND understand why those changes took place.

Simply because this is what makes me tick. This is what fascinates me.

So instead of this being something I do by myself, like it has been for the last 6 years, I want to make this public. Now that I am out of formal education I want you to dictate my learning. Up to now, profs and scientists have told me what they think is relevant to learn. This is no doubt useful to a point, but now I'm ready to hear from the real people. The people I train and the people who are just interested in training. I want to know what exactly you struggle with in regards to training and living a healthy lifestyle, and then I want to research answers to those problems for you. And yes, once again, I want to do this all for free.

So get in contact with me!

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